Title: International Agreements as a Source of the European Union Law ; Umowy międzynarodowe jako źródło prawa Unii Europejskiej


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International Agreements as a Source of the European Union Law  
Umowy międzynarodowe jako źródło prawa Unii Europejskiej

Alternative title:

Mìžnarodnì ugodi âk džerel′na baza zakonodavstva Êvropejs’kogo Soûzu


Cieśliński, Aleksander



Subject and Keywords:

European Union   international agreements   competences to conclude international treaties   EU relations with third states  
Unia Europejska   umowy międzynarodowe   kompetencje do zawierania umów międzynarodowych   stosunki UE z państwami trzecimi


Tekst w jęz. pol., streszcz. w jęz. ang. i ukr.


European Union is known for a very active participation in international relations with special emphasize put on international agreements being concluded with 3rd states. According to well established case-law EU should respect international law in the exercise of its powers although not automatically but under the condition of protection of fundamental rights. As far as international agreements are concerned under art. 2161 TFEU Union may conclude them with third countries or international organisations where the Treaties so provide or where it is necessary in order to achieveone of the objectives referred to in the Treaties, or is provided for in a legally binding Union act or is likely to affect common rules or alter their scope. According to art. 21811 the opinion of the Court of Justice may be obtained as to whether an agreement envisaged is compatible with Treaties and where it is adverse, the agreement envisaged may not enter into force unless it is amended or the Treaties are revised.It is not the only important function of the CJEU in this area as international agreements of the Union are recognized as acts of the institutions in terms of art. 267 TFUE. Consequently domestic courts may refer to the CJEU in order to receive preliminary rulings concerning their interpretation. Case-law left no doubt that Union’s international agreements are recognized as integral part of its legal order – superior to secondary law but not as a part of primary law. Thanks to that both legislative acts of EU and Member States can be challenged in case of breach of their provisions especially that principle of primacy over domestic law is to be followed here along with direct effect.

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L'vìvs'kij nacìnal'nij unìversitet ìmenì Ìvana Franka


Marszał, Maciej (1968- ). Red.   Burdìn, Volodimir. Red.

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czasopisma (wydawnictwa ciągłe)   artykuł


oai:repozytorium.uni.wroc.pl:121624   ISSN 2082-4939


PAd P 102216 II


pol   ukr   eng


Wrocławsko-Lwowskie Zeszyty Prawnicze, 2017, 8, s. 125-135

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Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

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