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Feature of "Polish civil war of gender" in the light of Pierre Bourdieu’s scientific field


Borkowski, Michał

Subject and Keywords:

scientific field ; science ; Bourdieu ; gender ; conflict ; media


The turn of the year 2013/2014 was a period in which the term "gender" was frequently repeated in Polish media discourses. The result of this was a phenomenon that could be called "Polish civil war of gender". The aim of this paper is to investigate the accumulation of conflict over the open-ended and undefined term "gender". The consequences of the ongoing disputes were among others: demonstrations, riots in the lectures, the convened of the Parliamentary Group and the open letter written by part of the universities academics. Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of scientific field was used in the analysis. For the French sociologist scientific field is the field of competitive struggle, where intellectual factions vying for special rate - the monopoly of scientific authority. Its possession validate the scientific competence of the competition winners, and allows them to define the boundaries of scientific. The concept of the Pierre Bourdieu’s scientific field allows to look critically at the fray of "gender" and answer the question about the relationship between science and ideology. It leaves us, however, with the lack of prospects for ending the conflict.


Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław

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Genderowe filtry. Różnorodność doświadczania i percepcji płci w przestrzeni publicznej i prywatnej. Pod red. Doroty Majki-Rostek, Ewy Banaszak, Pawła Czajkowskiego, Wrocław 2015



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