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Adolescent personalities and their self-acceptance within complete families, incomplete families and reconstructed families

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Polish Journal of Applied Psychology

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self-acceptance   family structure   adolescence   personality


The Polish Journal of Applied Psychology is primarily devoted to original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to all fields of applied psychology. PJAP is mainly interested in publishing empirical articles, where quantitative as well as qualitative analyses of data enhance our understanding of individuals, groups or various social systems and have practical implications within particular contexts. Conceptual or theoretical papers may be accepted if they bring a special contribution into the field for application.


At the time of this work I had been concentrating on how the family gave shape to adolescent personalities and how adolescents would, as a consequence, accept themselves. The purpose of this present study is to determine the differences in personality range and levels of self-acceptance among groups of women and men from complete, incomplete and reconstructed families. The study included a group of 314 adolescents, from the administrative region of Lódź. The following test methods were used: the Survey and standardised Inventory of Personality NEO - FFI by P.T. Costa and R. McCrae as adapted by B. Zawadzki, J. Strelau, P. Szczepaniak and M. Śliwińska; and the Scale of Interpersonal Attitude (SUI) as adapted by J. M. Stanik. As a result of statistical analyses, it turned out that the dimension of personality the Openness to Experience had indeed diversified the examined adolescent groups. Statistically significant differences were also observed at the self-acceptance level between the study groups.

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Polish Journal of Applied Psychology Volume 12, Number 1, 2014

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