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About the prohibition on corporal punishment of minors : a polemic with the article written by Wioletta Jedlecka

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family law   criminal law   justification of punishing minors   minors corporal punishment


The presented article is a polemic with the paper written by Wioletta Jedlecka, Prohibition on corporal punishment application and excuse of educational reproving, „Przegląd Prawa i Administracji” 2020, cz. 1–2, s. 97–108. The aforementioned text raises an important issue at the interface between criminal law and family law. In the author’s opinion, however, it does so in a not fully orderly manner, and the theses presented therein are contradictory in some places. Therefore, this article is an invitation by the author to a broader discussion on the relationship between the prohibition of corporal punishment and the non-statutory justification of punishing minors, and to deepen the presented arguments.

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