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Participatory (civic) budget as a threat to the values of the Latin (Western) civilization

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local government   public values   participatory budgeting   Latin civilization


Under the influence of foreign solutions, culturally foreign to Latin (Western) civilization, instruments of governance (participatory democracy) are used in Poland. One of such instruments, used for the first time in 2012, is the so-called participatory (civic) budget. Over the years, three BP models have developed in Poland, i.e. the plebiscite model, the deliberative model and the model of citizens panels. With the above in mind, the aim of the article was to analyze particular BP models through the prism of respecting in practice the values appropriate for the Latin civilization. The analysis concluded that none of the three BP models contain built-in mechanisms to protect values such as good, truth, and justice. Thus, the use of instruments that are culturally specific to foreign civilizations may pose a threat to the axiological and legal order of the native Latin civilization.


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doi:10.34616/143913   ISSN 2544-8382



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