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Services in a new reality from the perspective of service providers and consumers

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service ecosystem   megadisruptions   COVID-19 pandemic   new pandemic reality   service provider behavior   service consumption trends


The aim of the article is to identify and systematize the most important problems and challenges for providers of various service industries and consumers who are participants in the service ecosystem, which have revealed themselves in the new, post-pandemic reality. In particular, the considerations concern: 1. the intensification of certain factors during a pandemic (mega disruptions), 2. the acceleration of certain trends in consumer behavior or the emergence of new ones, 3. possible scenarios of post-pandemic behaviors of suppliers and consumers in different service industries. The article uses the method of reviewing the current literature as well as global case studies to illustrate the analyzed phenomenon. The source of information are current scientific publications, reports and examples of practical solutions used during the pandemic in such services industries as: education, tourism, transport, health care. The results of the analysis indicate the need to redefine the existing models of service supply in post-pandemic times, including: the use of remote solutions or automation of service processes in service industries prone to innovation, a new understanding of social distance in services based on direct contact between the participants, and – finally – the need for flexibility and agility of service organizations in relations with consumers in the new, post-pandemic reality.

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doi:10.34616/142087   ISBN 978-83-66601-61-1 (druk)   ISBN 978-83-66601-62-8 (online)



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