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For or against? Libertarian and Objectivist stance towards the State of Israel

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libertarianism   Rothbard, Murray Newton (1926-1995)   Rand, Ayn (1905-1982)   objectivism   Israel   Middle East


Libertarians as a political movement are attributed to strong commitment to the absolute property rights and personal freedom. Despite this – main libertarian theorists are divided in their particular viewpoints, one of the most notable being a stance towards the existence of state and international politics, including recent clash of civilisations. The issue of Israel and support for this state is good exemplification of differences between Murray N. Rothbard and Ayn Rand as most influential libertarian thinkers and differences in the libertarian movement as a whole. While Rand, advocating a minimal state, is calling for strong support of Israeli state, stressing its cultural superiority on the Middle East, rendering its chance to protect rights of the individual, Murray Rothbard is criticising its existence on the anarchocapitalist basis, claiming that no government (as territory-based monopoly on aggression) can legitimated on the moral ground, as the most basic natural rights as property and freedom are independent of culture and ethnicity

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