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Państwo Islamskie jako związek przestępczy o charakterze zbrojnym mający na celu popełnienie przestępstwa o charakterze terrorystycznym w kontekście polskiego prawa karnego

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The Islamic State as an armed association having for its purpose the commission of terrorist crimes in the context of the Polish Criminal Law


Gałka, Jan

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criminal law ; the Islamic State ; terrorism ; organised criminal group ; criminal association ; definition of a State


The Islamic State was founded in 2014 but its roots reach the times of Abu Musab Az-Zarkawi activity, the brutal terrorist from Jordan, the founder of al-Qaeda in Iraq, known also as „shaykh of the slaughterers”, who can be called „the father of nowadays terrorism”. This network of death, as President Obama has called it, have created universal fear of global war between muslims and kafirs. IS leaders call their organization „the State” but is it really the State, or maybe it is just an criminal armed association? The aim of this article is to analyse the structure and the criminal activity of IS and answer how to describe the Islamic State on the basis of the Polish Criminal Law

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Wydział Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Sadowski, Mirosław (1964- ). Red.

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ISSN 2080-332X ; ISBN 978-83-65158-12-3


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