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The Regency Council of the Kingdom of Poland and its bodies (1917–1918)


Winnicki, Zdzisław Julian

Subject and Keywords:

Regency Council ; Kingdom of Poland ; Act of 5th November ; Polish national administration ; taking independence ; Polish legislation ; Polish Army ; Józef Piłsudski ; Aleksander Kakowski ; Zdzisław Lubomirski ; Józef Ostrowski


This dissertation deals with emancipation body functioning in the Kingdom of Poland occupied by German and Austria-Hungary empires, which has been called together by both emperors on the request of active Polish circles of The Kingdom oriented on building a foundation of Polish nationality upon political line of a declaration of The Act of 5th November. The body, The Regency Council of the Kingdom of Poland (since 7th of October 1918 independent, united Polish nation) has called a government of The Kingdom and imposed an obligation of creation of the foundations of Polish centralised national administration in The Kingdom, with the presumption that this administration could be used on all territories of the reborn Polish nationality.Consecutive governments of The Kingdom have created completely ready public departments and developed basic legislation necessary for independent Polish national activity. This administration has been fully acquired and used by sovereign Polish authorities after 11th–14th November 1918.The Regency Council has acceded control over Royal Polish Army, created national bodies necessary for instantaneous takeover of all public divisions after the end of occupation, and on the 7th October 1918 announced the beginning of independent Polish country comprised of all partitioned lands. Structures and legislation of the bodies of The Regency Council has been fully acquired and used by the rebirthing country, and formal passing of the jurisdiction through passing all authority to Józef Piłsudski happened between 11th and 14th November 1918.This dissertation is analysing the process of effective formation of Polish civil and military administrations between 1917 and 1918, used in the first term of shaping The Second Polish Republic.

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