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Turkey   Black Sea-Caspian region   superpower   Middle East   foreign policy


Turkey is a participant in international relations, located at the interface between continents and civilization. It was the first democratic state in the Islamic world and at the same time a "westernist" state. On the one hand, it participates in the structures of the Western system, and on the other hand, it emphasizes its tradition and Islamic roots. The complexity of internal and external problems affects the nature of Turkey's foreign policy. Turkey's geopolitical position forces it to pursue a pragmatic and multidimensional external policy. In Turkey's foreign policy, it was striving to balance interests both in the East and in the West. Turkey acted as a stabilizer of international relations in the surrounding regions, so it is noticeable that it acts as a "bridge" between Europe and Asia, not only in terms of culture, but also politically and economically. Turkey acts as an intermediary in dialogue between states belonging to different civilization circles.

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