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Data Protection Supervisor – place in the organization, role and duties


Bar, Gabriela

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data protection supervisor   personal data   processing of personal data   subjects of data   violating personal data   independence of data protection supervisor   conflict of interest   notifying the President of Personal Data Protection Office


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Based on new regulations on personal data protection included in the regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27.4.2016, in the matter of protection of natural persons in regard to processing of personal data and in the matter of free movement of such data and repealing the directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation), the support for data administrators and entities processing data are going to be data protection supervisors (DPS). The role of those supervisors – just like before with information security administrators (ISA) – is to act in the interest of processing data protection in accordance with law, both in public administration units, and in the private sector. The aim of the present study is to show the place of DPS in an organization, their roles and duties.

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Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck


Gołaczyński, Jacek. Red.   Adamski, Andrzej. Rec.   Balogh, Zsolt. Rec.   Cieślak, Sławomir. Rec.   Flaga-Gieruszyńska, Kinga. Rec.   Górecki, Jacek. Rec.   Kilian, Wolfgang. Rec.   Markiewicz, Ryszard. Rec.   Świerczyński, Marek. Rec.   Warner, Richard. Rec.   Zgryzek, Kazimierz. Rec.

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Prawo Mediów Elektronicznych, ISSN 2082-100X. 2018, 4 s. 1-9

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