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The Sociology of Couples and Families   Sociologie du couple et de la famille

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men   ethnocultural inequality   culture   communication   social norms   subjectivity   autonomy   action   appreciation   youth   intersectionality   paternity   living-apart-together relationships   memes   family   maternity   mixed marriages   individualization   parenthood   deviation   social disapproval   couple   normative transgression   conjugal system   pandemic COVID-19   trust   interactive rituals   love   missing persons   artistic success and failure   sexuality   Internet   quarantine   multiple parenthood   social circles   social exclusion   careers of smokers   gender   self-esteem   emotions   art field


Fabrica Societatis is a scholarly journal that answers the growing need in sociology for the research topics related to activities participating in the creation of social worlds and for works on the everyday existence of people. The main goal of the journal is to create space for theoretical, methodological and empirical enquiries, aiming at discovering everyday procedures creating and shaping various manifestations of social life. It is also a place to publish articles that appreciate the uniqueness of human experience and that change perspectives so as to go out of the social box. Such attempts often require search rather than ready answers. Therefore, our journal is open to both works of experienced researchers and works of young scholars who have just begun their career, as well as to finished projects, working papers, and voices giving chance to enrich sociological knowledge and open interdisciplinary horizons.

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Instytut Socjologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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doi:10.34616/129166   ISSN 2657-3679



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