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Czytając o wieloetniczności


Wojdon, Joanna

Subject and Keywords:

history education ; historical thinking ; inquiry-based historical learning ; analysis of historical sources ; history lessons ; European history ; multiethnic societies ; primary and secondary sources ; historical interpretation ; test of iron ; history of Romania ; history of Transylvania ; history of Sardinia ; family trees ; Mariano IV of Sardinia ; Louis I of Hungary ; Agnes Wizla ; historical maps ; Jews in Portugal ; Muslims in Portugal ; history of Iberian Peninsula ; panorama of Lviv ; portraits of European kings ; Saint Catharine ; medieval miniatures ; Chronica Hungarorum ; history of Hungary ; Frederic Chopin portraits ; Polish churches in USA ; Polish cathedral style ; photography manipulation ; photography analysis ; coat of arms ; Russian imperial coat of arms ; Hungarian coat of arms


This volume goes beyond its initial goal of transferring the findings of the research project on "Cohesion building of multiethnic societies in Europe in the 11th-21st c" into school practice. It is based on the concept of "reading like a historian" developed by Sam Wineburg at Stanford University. "Reading" includes not only traditional written sources, but also iconographic material, such as medieval miniatures, coats of arms, photographs, as well as family trees and maps. It provides easy-to-adapt ideas, questions and tools to move from superficial browsing to an in-depth critical analysis, taking into account the origin of the material, its historical context and confrontation with other documents and data.

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Uniwersytet Wrocławski Wydział Nauk Historycznych i Pedagogicznych Instytut Historyczny

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ISBN 978-83-955113-2-5 (online) ; ISBN 978-83-955113-1-8 (druk)



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