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Title: O podstawach ideologii XIX-wiecznego miurydyzmu


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On the basis of the ideology of 19th century muridism


Tyt. zeszytu: Orient daleki i bliski = Orient far and near


Presented article refers to the 19th century ideology of miuridism, which allowed Highlanders from the Northern Caucasus to unite in war against the Russian rule. This rebellion is known in the Russian historiography as a the Caucasian War.The article presents religious, political and social basis of miuridism. The legal aspect has also been taken into account. At the beginning, an attempt to define miu-ridism as an ideology has been undertaken. Achievements of the soviet historiography have also been taken into consideration. In the farther parts of the paper, author analyses the history of the Sufi brotherhoods, whose teachings highly influenced the insurrection. Political and social aspects which led to the rebellion of the Caucasian Mountaineers were also shown and tied to the religious context. Author analyses the legal aspects of the muridism: the way adats (customary law) were being fought, how the law of Shar’ia was being introduced and how the statutory law issued by the third Imam, Shamil, modified the existing legal system. The vision of the murid state expressed in so called „Main Nizam of the Caucasian Imamate” has also been described. That way, an outline of the ideology of muridism has been made. Author also negatively verified the thesis, that the murid declarations of creating the order based on the Koran were negated by the wartime conditions

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Wrocławskie Studia Erazmiańskie. 2019, 13, s. 325-346

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