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Obraz sytuacji politycznej w Harbinie w latach 1932–1936 w świetle wspomnień Polonii Harbińskiej oraz Listów Harbińskich i Dalekiego Wschodu

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The picture of political situation in Harbin in the years 1932–1936 according to Polish Diaspora members’s reminiscences and Polish community’s press Listy Harbińskie and Daleki Wschód


Michalewicz, Katarzyna

Subject and Keywords:

Harbin ; China ; Polonia ; Manchukuo ; Japanese occupation ; press


In 1931, the Kwantung Army invaded at northeastern part of China and founded a puppet state – Manchukuo. One of the most important cities, who was under Japanese occupation was multicultural Harbin, where from circa 30 years, used to live a numerous Polish diaspora. The new situation was widely described in Polish community’s press, especially in: “Listy Harbińskie” (“Letters from Harbin”) and “Daleki Wschód” (“Far East”). The newspapers tried to write independently about political events, but Japanese censorship forbade writing about all issued. The second important sources are Polish Diaspora member’s reminiscences. Thanks them, we know about a troubles with Poles must to struggled, especially with economical chicanes and repressions from occupier. The articles briefly mentions also about Polish diaspora member’s attituded in occupied city and Polish participation at anti-Japanese resistance movement

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Wydział Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Sadowski, Mirosław (1964- ). Red.

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ISSN 2080-332X ; ISBN 978-83-65158-12-3


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