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The image of the beginnings of the principate in book II of Velleius Paterculus' Roman History on the basis of an evaluation of linguistic indexes

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Velleius Paterculus   Roman history   Augustus   Tiberius   evaluation of linguistic indexes


A summary of the information obtained on the basis of an evaluation of linguistic indexes offers an interesting view of the opinion that Velleius Paterculus was ‘the proponent of a new system in which he saw the continuation of the Republic’. Paterculus presents himself as an individual with an uncritical adoration for Tiberius. In reality, the element of positive evaluation of the restitution of the Republic appears in his assessment of the principate of Augustus, and actually the principate of Tiberius – and especially Tiberius as an individual – is often assessed with a significant element of exaggeration. When, however, we look at the number of individual types of ratings, we see that both principates, along with Tiberius as an individual, are equally assessed above all for their practical values. In evaluating the principate of Augustus, Paterculus concentrates more on the practical benefits of a well-functioning state and of peace, rather than on ideological issues.


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