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security   Bundeswehr   history   memorials   militarism   Germany   collective memory   politics   national identity   Wehrmacht


The dissertation was prepared under the supervision of the main supervisor, prof. dr hab. T. Lebioda and the assistant supervisor, dr. A. Kamiński. The research carried out in the work was based on the following research goals, including the reconstruction of the main manifestations of the evolution of German militarism in a broad historical perspective, constituting the genesis of the subject matter, defining the phenomenon of utilitarian, political use of militarism in historical and security policy implemented by Germany after 1990 r., verification of the significance of militarism in the creation of identity processes shaping German society and the discourse on collective memory, determination of the influence of militarism on the character of contemporary German national identity and verification of the significance of militarism as an object of activity of the German political elite after 1990.

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political science and public administration

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University of Wroclaw

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