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Pharmacist in a pharmacy and the quality of pharmaceutical services

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pharmaceutical market   pharmaceutical law   pharmacist   pharmacy   quality of pharmaceutical services


The provision of pharmaceutical services by pharmacists is a priority aspect of fulfilling the social mission of a public pharmacy within the framework of the general public health protection system. The subjectivity of the process is emphasized by the concern of the legislator, who included the list of pharmaceutical services in a legal act. The close connection of the provision of pharmaceutical services with the profession of a pharmacist shows how important the quality of these services is, since the legislator assigned them to a highly qualified specialist, who is undoubtedly a pharmacist. Hence, the presence of an appropriate number of pharmacists in a public pharmacy is extremely important for the protection of the patientʼs health and the protection of public health, because without them pharmaceutical care cannot be provided, pharmaceutical services cannot be provided, and statutory tasks assigned by the legislator cannot be performed. The aim of this article is to present the role of a pharmacist in the patientʼs health care system and the public health system in the context of the quality of pharmaceutical services. In order to achieve the indicated goal, a critical analysis of the subject literature, an analysis of legal acts and examination of the related documents were used. This allowed to indicate how the availability of an appropriate number of pharmacists in a pharmacy influenced the quality of pharmaceutical services.

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