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Critical Analysis of the „Mosaic Principle” Under Art. 7 Para 2 Brussels Ibis Regulation for Disputes Arising out of Non-Contractual Obligations on the Internet

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jurisdiction   Brussels Ibis Regulation   non-contractual obligations   place of harmful event   center of interest   mosaic principle   defamation   infringement of personality rights   infringement of intellectual property rights   copyright   online   internet   case law   Court of Justice of the European Union   Shevill   eDate   Bolagsupplysningen Pinckney   Hejduk


This article analyzes the „mosaic principle” under Art. 7 Para 2 Brussels Ibis Regulation for disputes arising out of non-contractual obligations on the Internet, online defamation and online infringements of copyright in particular. The subject of the analysis are decisions of the Court of Justice of the EU, namely Shevill, eDate, Bolagsupplysningen, Pinckney and Hejduk. The aforementioned decisions are critically analyzed in terms of the nature of dissemination of information on the Internet and the appropriateness and usefulness of their interpretation in the context of the objectives and principles underlying the Brussels Ibis Regulation.

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Prawo Mediów Elektronicznych, ISSN 2082-100X. 2019, 1 s. 36-44

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