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The Polish-German agreements on the amnesty of 1919–1922

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Polish-German amnesty agreement of 1 October 1919   Polish-German supplementary agreement of 12 February 1921 to the agreement of 1 October 1919   Upper Silesia (Poland ; region)   Greater Poland   Pomerania in the years 1918–1922   amnesty for Russians and Ukrainians — participants of the Polish-Soviet war of 1920


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The diplomatic actions of Polish and German Reich governments of 1919–1922 aimed at the normalization of relations between the population of Poland and Germany on the disputed areas of Upper Silesia, Greater Poland Wielkopolska and Pomerania are discussed in this article. After the First World War, the Poles living in the Prussian provinces or parts thereof: province Schlesien Opole Region, province Posen Grand Duchy of Poznań and province Westpreussen Gdańsk Pomerania undertook intensive efforts to join the inhabited land to the nascent Polish state. The local German people and the Prussian administration were against these efforts.The conflicts swelled and led to bloody confrontations Uprising in Wielkopolska and three Silesian Uprisings. Under pressure of allied powers the Polish and German governments were forced to take actions leading to the deescalation of confl icts. The article discusses one of the manifestations of these activities, namely the conclusion of the amnesty agreement signed on 1 October 1919 in Berlin, and the so-called supplementary agreement of 12 February 1921. The agreements went far beyond the typical acts of amnesty because they included all persons Poles and Germans who committed acts constituting a violation of the law or were deprived of their liberty for political or nationality reasons, or in connection with their participation in the fi

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Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis, ISSN 0239-6661, No 3602. Prawo, ISSN 0524-4544, 2014, 316, nr 2, s. 161-176

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