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Instytucja prokury w Królestwie Polskim

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Commercial power of attorney (procuration) in the Kingdom of Poland


Dolata, Tomasz



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procuration   commercial law in the Kingdom of Poland   Cholewicki, Jan   the Committee of the business name   decree on the commercial register


The article presents legal regulations regarding the procuration in the Kingdom of Poland. The institution of the widest commercial power of attorney (procuration) did not have its statutory regulation in the French Commercial Code of 1807 – in force in the Kingdom of Poland. This caused that this issue was regulated by general civil law provisions on power of attorney supported by commercial custom functioning in trade relations. Working on the modern regulation of commercial register issues (commercial disclosure books), so-called Committee of the business name was created, in which Polish lawyers with representatives of Polish economic spheres made an attempt to regulate procuration by statute. One of this Committee members – the author of the provisions on procuration – Polish lawyer Jan Cholewicki, used for this purpose the solutions contained in the All-German Commercial Code of 1861 (ADHGB) introducing only slight modifications compared to German regulations. Despite the activities of the Committee members, the draft „Act on commercial disclosure books” (including business name regulations, procuration and trade books) did not enter into force, but it was a model for the standards contained in the later Decree on the Commercial Register of February 7, 1919. In the scope of procuration, this decree was clearly inspired by the regulations contained in the project of Jan Cholewicki.

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E-Wydawnictwo. Prawnicza i Ekonomiczna Biblioteka Cyfrowa. Wydział Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Koredczuk, Józef. Red.   Wiązek, Paweł. Red.

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