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The Mythology of the Indians (1809)by the colonel Antoine-Louis Henri de Polier

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Indian mithology   Indian philosophy   Enlightment   colonialism   soteriology   India   Mahābhārata   Bhagavadgītā   ex oriente lux


Mythologie des Indous by colonel Antoine-Louis Henri de Polier, published in 1809 by canoness Marie Élisabeth de Polier, presents India from a perspective unknown for the Enlightment. Durin long conversations with the pandit Ramtchund, colonel de Polier enquired about Indian mythology, which is not only the set of stories concerning the world creation and the divine interventions, but, above all, it is the active principle of Brahmanic sacrifice as well as the basis of the metaphysics of final liberation. It seems that if the Mythologie des Indous had not been unfairly rejected by the orientalists, it would have contributed to a better understanding of India since the establishing of the Indology in the European universities.

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Instytut Studiów Klasycznych, Śródziemnomorskich i Orientalnych UWr



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