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Conservatives and religion : axiological foundations of conservative political thought

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conservatism   religion   political thaught   axiology


In the article, I will present broad issues of the relationship of conservative doctrines with religion, treated as their permanent foundation, focusing in particular on Catholicism. Starting from the literature attempts to define the concept of conservatism, undertaken by conservators gathered around various currents, I will go over to the outlined ones by prof. Bogdana Szlachta of research planes allowing to properly illustrate the relation indicated in the topic of the article. Then, on the example of a few known conservators, such as Joseph de Maistre, Edmund Burke, Juan Donoso Cortés, or Orestes Brownson, the main observations will be made and the justification of the dominant role of religion and the important role of the Church in public life. Despite the fundamental differences between thinkers associated with the analyzed doctrine, relatively convergent conclusions will be drawn in the research which aim is not only to define the collocation between conservatism and religion, but also show the role of that ideology in exercising power. The discussed relationship, Ryszard Skarzyński described as metaphysical conservatism and I followed him in this aspect in my article. Membership in a community centered around shared values, honoring theology as a science, without which it is hard to find a way to achieve proficiency and experience, or gratitude and defense of the current order are only some aspects of conservative thought, being the result of her relationship with religion. This will emphasize the axiological foundation that religion is for conservatism, creating a consistent set of values in which faith takes a prominent position. The paper will answer the questions that arise in the course of reflection around this topic, in particular, whether religious accents in the context of indicating the foundations of the state system were characteristic only for monarchists, or what is the difference in the field of indicating this relationship between traditionalists and representatives of conservatism evolutionary

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