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Defence diplomacy – an attempt at conceptualization


Kupiecki, Robert

Subject and Keywords:

diplomacy   military diplomacy   defence diplomacy   security   armed forces   Ministry of Defence


The notion of military/defence diplomacy remains suspended between traditional perception of this specific foreign and security policy field, which is connected with peacekeeping military activity outside state borders, and the new meanings it received after the Cold War had finished. These meanings are connected with a certain demilitarization of the international security concept which broadens its targets and changes the ways in which the targets are met with the use of instruments that defence ministries have at their disposal. Practical policies and research efforts in many countries (mainly in Europe, South America and the Pacific region), resulted in various attempts to describe defence diplomacy as a particular instrument of state policy which is fundamentally different from its classic reference point, that is military diplomacy. This article attempts to emphasize the most important elements of the debate on the abovementioned subject. It is important to understand that it is connected with a much more complex field of state policy and strategy than simple military cooperation or diplomacy which could, after all, include almost every form of international military activity. The obvious definitional problem will continue to be caused by the shift in security paradigm, blurring the line between its military and non-military aspects and their impact on defence issues and foreign policies of modern states.

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