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Active Managing the Political Risk in the CapitalMarket – the Esthe Aim of the Article is Tosence and Ways of Management in the Organisation


Broniszewski, Michał

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political risk management   capital market   economic policy   forecast   network organisational analysis


The aim of the article is to bring closer and to show the essence and way of managing the political risk in the capital market. In is article, the author presented the concept of political risk management in order to rationalise benefits in a broad sense or to rationalise and minimise losses in the functioning and efficacy of the capital market’s participants. In the theoretical payer, the developed for this purpose analytical model enables the capital market’s participants identifying the political risk and management thereof, making it possible to determine their potential impact on efficacy and to find the best method of risk management in the chosen network of organisation. In the theoretical layer, there was also indicated the relation of the political risk with the capital market. In the empirical layer, the author used the method of case study as a research method based on the study of a single case of the network of the chosen organisation – the capital market’s participant – in order to determine the power of impact of changes of the policymaker. The research findings allowed identifying the political risk in the network of the organisation belonging to the capital group; there were defined possible consequences issuing from the change of the policymaker in the organisation’s functioning as well as there were determined the forms of efficient cooperation between partners of the network in the organisation. The practical application of research allows organisations to react properly in the situation of political uncertainty in the capital market. The author also indicated the importance of the methods undertaken by the organisation in order to avoid reduction of jobs

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Akademia Finansów i Biznesu Vistula

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ISSN 2084-4689



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Kwartalnik Naukowy Uczelni Vistula, 2017 nr 3(53), s. 7-18

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