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Psychopathology of the Political Life. An Illustrated Textbook


Chmielewski, Adam

Subject and Keywords:

politics ; psychopathology ; political emotions


The subject of the book is an analysis of some pathological phenomena which made themselves felt, sometimes very acutely, within the contemporary Polish politics. It has been designed as a collection of illustrations of a claim that the presently dominant forms of Polish politics, and new developments within it, are a result of the psychopathologies responsible for a gradual decline and degradation of the Polish political space as a whole; a decline which seems already irreversible. I argue that the degradation in question stems to a large extent from a failure of the Polish political elites adequately to understand and manage the emotions of the Polish society. According to the interpretation put forward here, the failure has been a cumulative effect of various modes of political disregard, misuse and abuse of social emotions. More specifically, it has been the failure resulting from an inability of one part of the Polish political elites to understand role played by the “political emotional variable”, and the cynical instigation and exploitation of it in the political struggles by another part. In my opinion, all forms of these misuses result in a manifest disregard of a common good. In particular, the present degenerative trend in the Polish politics I attribute especially to pathological modes of employment of social emotions by leading figures of the Polish political right, themselves no less pathological in character, who have claimed a success in hijacking the Polish politics and have pushed it into the abyss of a new form of the authoritarian populism.

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Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT — Wrocławskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe


Hudzik, Jan Paweł. Rec.

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ISBN: 978–83–7432–555–4 ; doi:10.23734/26.17.024



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