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Regional Game 2014. Voivodeship parliament elections


Alberski, Robert. Red. ; Cichosz, Marzena. Red.

Subject and Keywords:

local elections 2014 ; voivodeship parliaments ; regional election campaigns ; regional coalitions


This monograph is the third published book about regional election competition in Poland. It was prepared by a team of 22 researchers from 13 polish academic centers. There are 20 articles published in it. 16 of them analyses how the competition look like in the voivodeship parliament election in all regions. All articles have similar structure. In their first parts authors describe situation in the regional parliament during the 2010-2014 term. They also depict the state of the coalitions, that rule in individual regions. Next parts describe the 2014 election campaign. They mainly focus on the electoral committees created by the main political parties and other regional entities. They describe how they conduct the candidate recruitment process for the electoral lists and what methods of endorsement they used. Articles end with an analysis of the voivodeship parliament election and they also describe the process of creating new regional coalitions that rule in individual region. The last four articles depict other issues connected with regional election. In first one regions are comparatively analyzed with their cultural, social and economic differences taken in consideration. The second one describes political parties and other local electoral entities human resources management. Third one deals with the issue of invalid votes in voivodeship parliament election. Finally, the last one analyses models of political rivalry on the regional level.In the publication readers will find answers for questions like: What type of strategies and tactics were used by political entities in the 2014 voivodeship parliament election? Did new political powers rise, which could break the dominance of main political parties in country councils? Did the methods of managing electoral campaigns have changed and how?

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Instytut Politologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Glajcar, Rafał. Rec. ; Plecka, Danuta. Rec.

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ISBN: 978-83-934585-6-1 ; ISBN: 978-83-934585-2-3 (eBook) ; doi:10.23734/26.17.021



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