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Liberty, equality and property in the code of Leke Dukagjini

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Kanun   Leke Dukagjini   Albania   Kosovo   besa   honor   honor killing   freedom   equality   family


Kanun of Leke Dukagjini is the customary law of northern Albania, which constitutes one of the unique elements of Albanian national identity. It lays down the precepts that underlie the culture, the most important of which are honor, the value of one’s word (besa), and family. Together they form the basis for the functioning of society. Attachment to this law has prevented Albanians from assimilating with other Balkan nations, and has enabled them to retain a separate national identity despite hundreds of years of Ottoman domination over Albanian territories. For centuries, Kanun regulated nearly every sphere of social life. Till this day its principles continue to exert a strong influence on the lives of Albanians, both in Albania and in Kosovo – especially in rural areas. Customary law provided for therein determines the scope of terms such as liberty, equality, and property. Reference to precepts included in Kanun allows for a better understanding of Albanians and the motivation behind their actions. It also helps one appreciating their distinct character among other Balkan nations

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