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Lodz Families Help Directions During WW I in the Light of „Godzina Polski” Journal’s Reports


Michalski, Grzegorz

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Lodz ; World War I, ; social care ; „Godzina Polski” journal


During World War I in Lodz, being occupied by Germans, life conditions of Lodz residents became tragically bad. Plunder of industrial property – machinery, reserves of resources, goods already manufactured – caused capital losses and a lack of means to reestablish appropriate production. Food confiscation, mainly grain and potatoes resulted in serious problems with food supplementary and alimentation. The German administration’s demands – impossible to meet – if not fulfilled had let to high money penalties. As a result of those actions a slow decline of the city was observed. All could experience common unemployment, extremely high prices, hunger, poverty, and prevalent diseases. Labour deportations to Germany and economic migration reduced the number of in habitants by about 40%. At the beginning of those processes many organizations tried to help the people of Lodz. First it was Komitet Niesienia Pomocy Biednym (Poor Helping Committee). Later other institutions, like Okręgowa Rada Opiekuńcza (District Care Commettee), the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession, the Jewish community, and some factory-owners engaged themselves in social care. The journal „Godzina Polski” issued between 1915–1918 systematically presented their charitable activities. Thanks to this press information it has been possible to find out all of the initiatives aimed to help and ease families in their everyday existential battles

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Zakład Historii Edukacji Instytutu Pedagogiki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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ISSN 2082-9019 ; doi:10.23734/wwr20162.181.194 ; e-ISSN 2300-5866


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Wychowanie w Rodzinie, T. 14 (2/2016), s. 181-194

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