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League of Polish Families as a social actor

Subject and Keywords:

League of Polish Families   social actor   structure of the party   European integration   euroscepticism   political transformation   civil society   parliamentarians of the League of Polish Families   party groups of League of Polish Families   members of the League of Polish Families


This book is a monograph, on the political party, that shows the birth, rise and fall of the League of Polish Families. In the chapter I the division was made into individual and collective actors. Chapter II is an attempt to describe the birth and functioning of LPF in the context of a broader national movement. Chapter III focuses on the fields of activities of the national party. Chapter IV is an attempt to recreate the role of LPF on the political scene. Chapter V is an attempt to play the role of LPF on the European political scene. Chapter VI is the description of a research taken on the party groups, surveyed with the usage of a questionnaire technique. Chapter VII is an empirical reflection of the views of LPF deputies and senators about political transformation and Polish integration with European structures. The tool for this method was mainly based on an open interview. Chapter VIII is an attempt to present the Polish society in the perspective of political transformation, and the reflection on the degree of civility and democracy and finaly presents the fall of LPF.





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