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Islam – religion of peace or serious threat to Europe? The review of Marek Orzechowski’s book “Mój sąsiad islamista. Kalifat u drzwi Europy”

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Orzechowski, Marek   islam   clash of cultures   reviews   Europe


In recent years the growth of Muslim minorities in European countries has been visible. At the same time, sharia law and many Muslim cultural traditions are incompatible with the European legal order, especially with respect to human rights protection. Minorities often choose to put their religious laws above state laws, which – coupled with their attempts to save their cultural identity – may be dangerous. Sometimes this process results in extreme situations, such as the existence of closed sharia areas in the suburbs of major European cities, the increase in “honour” based, violent incidents, and the growing risk of terrorist attacks. So what is the real face of “European Islam”? Do Muslims assimilate to European cultures, or do their different, more dangerous tendencies prevail? Marek Orzechowski, in his newest book Mój sąsiad islamista. Kalifat u drzwi Europy, attempts to answer these questions

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