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state   dying   continuing   reviving   Lenin, Vladimir Il'ič \d (1870-1924)   Plato (427-347 a.C.)


Transitoriness is very popular phenomenon, typical for living organisms. We can sensu largo also treat political organisations as such mortal beings. Political history of mankind confirmates this hypothesis, because there are many examples of fallen states. But from the other side not only exists from thousands years chinese statehood, but also you see israelian casus, which demonstrates, that it is possible to resuscitate state after period of many ages, if appears political will together with favourable conditions. But generally in this period it’s rather evident, at least in Europe, that national state collapses. This constatation however does not means, that we observe the global processus of state’s necrosis, because statehood has the great large of survival, so imagination of Perfect State, permanent present in the world of ideas, can steadily to exist as real political organisation in many different forms, in accordance with device fluctuat nec mergitur

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