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evolution of a nation and law   national heritage   legal culture   history of a nation and Polish law


Combining „the history of state and polish law” with „the general history of state and law” into one discipline „the history of state and law” has raised concerns that Polish political and legal systems might become diluted in general history. The absence of a standalone subject, whose name would reflect Polish identity, may lead to a decreased sense of historical belonging to Polish society which this subject has been responsible for creating. Knowledge of the continuity of the national system and of the evolution of political institutions and case law constitute is a significant part of the education for future lawyers-humanists. However, by modifying students’ education at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wroclaw, we may marginalize issues that have underpinned Polish legal and state culture. People gain experience, in the first place, from their national history of the system and law. However, we have eliminated a subject with a rich historiography emphasizing historical continuity of the Polish nation and law

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