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Coping with anxiety in patients undergoing hip replacement

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Polish Journal of Applied Psychology

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temperament   coping behavior   osteoarthritis   anxiety   chronic disease


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Our research aim was to answer whether temperament traits could predict the anxiety experienced by osteoarthritis patients before and after arthroplasty; we analyzed if coping styles moderated the relationship between temperament and perioperative anxiety, and examined the fluctuation of perceived stress and anxiety. In the longitudinal study (N=61, mean age 70.9) we measured temperament traits (EAS-A), coping styles (Brief-COPE) and changes of perceived anxiety (STAI) and stress (PSS-10), before and after arthroplasty. Anxiety and stress decreased significantly after the surgery. Temperament correlated with the anxiety state. Positive correlates were anger, negative affectivity, and fear while negative correlates included sociability and vigor. Regression analyses indicated the predictors of preoperative anxiety which included vigor and negative affectivity. The regression model for the variation of postsurgical anxiety indicated that negative affectivity explained the variance of this variable (R2=0.57). Moderation analyses confirmed that the temperament and anxiety relationship depended on: active coping, acceptance and planning. Vulnerable patients with temperamental emotionality and ineffective coping report heightened perioperative anxiety, while effective coping moderates the temperament and anxiety relationship.

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Polish Journal of Applied Psychology Volume 12, Number 2, 2014

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