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Activities and lifestyles of elderly people

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elderly people   activity   lifestyle


Elderly people constitute a social group that is heterogeneous in terms of cultural traits, social status, health issues, financial and social situation, living conditions, and familial ties. This leads to variety in the forms of activity they pursue and the lifestyles they lead. The lifestyle of most seniors can be described as passive and monotonous. They take part in cultural activities to a relatively small degree. They watch TV and listen to the radio much more frequently than they go to theaters or cinemas. The main areas of activity for the elderly are: family, television, and church. Other potential areas of activity, such as entertainment, education, tourism and culture - remain beyond the realm of interests and/or capabilities of respondents. This lack of other forms of activity may be the result of people’s health status, character traits, earlier ways of life or cultural models, but it can also be the result of the circumstances that limit the elderly people’s opportunities for social participation, leading them to passivity (e.g. the poor economic condition of retirees, or the lack of active elderly role models). Therefore, there is a lack of senior citizens in the public sphere, since their activity predominantly relates to the private sphere.

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