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The momentousness of everyday life and the question of the role of the humanities in the face of the crisis of University education

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humanities   education   culture   democracy   everyday life


The current heated debate on the deteriorating status of the university raises a range of pertinent questions, including: What role can the humanities play in culture today in the face of the crisis of higher education? To answer this question, the authors open their discussion by problematizing the relationship among culture, the humanities, and education. In the second part of the paper, they examine the changing role of the humanities in conjunction with the understandings culture, and outline three major and salient ways in which culture is conceived of today. Subsequently, they focus on the loss of the dominant status that culture has suffered in the wake of the discovery of everyday life in modernity. In the third part, they argue that we are currently witnessing a reversal in which everyday life or rather social representations of social life and its practices are becoming a criterion for assessing culture, the humanities, and education. However, everyday life in and of itself is not losing any of its complexity either in theoretical conceptualizations or in research observations of its course. Among other things, everyday life harbors a range of risks and anxieties which are veiled by its own obviousness and reinforced by socialization. The authors conclude that, given its complexity, everyday life in democratic societies calls for the work of understanding, support, affirmation and criticism in which the humanities can retain their superior status.

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Instytut Pedagogiki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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doi:10.34616/146549   ISBN 978-83-62618-75-0



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