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(R)evolution in executive criminal law : can the punishment execution process be flexible, individualized, equal before the law and free of marginalization and social exclusion?

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criminal punishment   individualization   estimating the risk of recidivism   modification of the decision


Today, the sanction regulated by the provisions of the executive penal law has significantly shifted towards a very complex formula, of a changeable nature. Today, the constitutive elements of sanctions do not only result from the content of the original criminal decision. It is very common that certain components of the award cannot be precisely defined at once, and we recognize that these factors build up slowly and gradually transform in the course of the enforcement process. In the course of enforcing a judgment, it may be necessary to modify it many times, caused either by expected changes or by the emergence of disturbing signs of deepening the causes of demoralization. Therefore, the changes introduced to the content of the judgment may increase the severity of the punishment or mitigate it, and even lead to its shortening.

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