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Serial homicide and the perpetrators in a criminological context

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serial killer   serial homicide   potential serial killer   sexual crimes   long-term imprisonment   life sentence


The article presents the profiles and careers of serial homicide perpetrators operating in Poland in the years 1922–2021 together with the analysis of causes lying behind this type of crime. This publication is aimed at verifying whether the thesis that serial homicideis a rare phenomenon in Poland is legitimate. In order to do so, the author references multiple criminological publications and criminal jurisdiction. Based on the discussion spresented in the article, serial homicide is not at all a rare phenomenon in the practice of the Polish justice system. Its frequency has remained stable despite the varying total rate of homicide as well as social, economic, and system changes — although some specific forms and manifestations of this type of behaviour occurred at different rates during the interwar period, in the Polish People’s Republic, and after 1989 (e.g. serial infanticide orrepeated homicide as part of organised crime). At the beginning, the article characterises and differentiates between the terms “serial homicide” and “serial killer” as well as explores the relationship between them. Then, the author specifies the notion of a potential serial killer and describes examples of crimes committed by such offenders. The final part of the article discusses the most well-known perpetrators of repeated homicide in Poland and uses them as a basis for presenting the causes and — in particular — the motives of such crimes as well as the possible legal means of combating them.

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