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Materialisation of the GDPR guarantees in the scope of management of and supervision over one’s own personal data processed digitally

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GDPR   European Digital Transformation   consent to personal data processing   artificial intelligence technology   deficiencies of management and supervision over own personal data processed digitally   standardised and interoperative form as a tool for exercising rights to personal data and privacy protection   codification of the purposes of processing personal data


The article points to the deficiencies of GDPR in the scope of regulating the frames for creating tools for managing one’s own personal data processed digitally as well as the supervision over their use. The lack of suitable legal and technical mechanisms in this area is seen as the main factor for the decrease of the effectiveness of digital personal data protection, what may sometimes leadto the degeneration or ostensibility of law, in particular as a consequence of processing personal data with the use of artificial intelligence technology. A solution to this problem might lie in introducing a standardised and interoperative form which would enable automatic saving, modifying, deleting, transferring, and searching on various devices for all the digitally processed personal data as well as for the information and the decisions made in accordance with the rights guaranteed by GDPR. The form with the mentioned functionalities, supplemented by the standardised codification of the purposes of personal data processing, could become the primary element of digital personal data management, the privacy of peopleto whom the data pertain, and the supervision over its use. Creating suitable legal frames for managing own personal data processed electronically and for supervising its use seems to be the essential condition for sustainable development and making the European Digital Transformation a reality.

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