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Rules of delivery after the amendment K.P.C. introduced by the act of July 4, 2019

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service   documents   civil proceedings   service by bailiff


The subject of the study is the service of documents to parties and other entities participating in civil proceedings, which is crucial for the proper course of civil proceedings. Correct delivery of pleadings and court documents has an impact on ensuring the implementation of legal and procedural protection. Service of pleadings and court documents is related to the commencement of procedural deadlines, but it also influences the observance of substantive legal deadlines. The article describes the new regulations on the rules of service conducted under the Act of 4 July 2019 on amendments to the Civil Procedure Code and certain other acts (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1469). However, issues related to service in European and international civil proceedings will be beyond the scope of the analysis. The study also raises the issue of service by bailiff .

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