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Strategic litigation in the time of historical dismay : the case of Poland after 2015

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culture   liberalism   the political   strategic litigation   legal interpretation   application of law   populism   human rights


The article deals with the issue of strategic litigation in the time of historical dismay — a term which refers to the current time, characterized by, inter alia, the decline of a stable axiological framework for law-related practices in Polish society. First, I discuss strategic litigation and historical dismay. Then, the notion of political and legal culture as proposed by Paweł Jabłoński and Przemysław Kaczmarek is depicted and developed. I suggest supplementing the above-mentioned authors’ concept of the limits of juristic powers with an additional element: the primary choice relationship. Finally, I present conclusions on the impact of historical dismay on the limits of juristic powers and the peculiarity of strategic litigation. The problem of the further perspectives of liberalism is also addressed.

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