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Mr. Libertarian goes to war? The use of force as an instrument of revolution according to Murray Rothbard


The paper presents the idea of Murray Newton Rothbard (1926-1995) - libertarian philosopher, economist and historian, on the use of force against the state. He is approving, as the possible method, the use of force, coming from the assumption of limited flexibility of methods in use to achieve a stateless society. The force can be directed only against the institutions and officers of the state. Failing to do that constitutes the breach of the non-aggression axiom. Rothbard examines the historical example of the libertarian victory which is the American Revolutionary War. In his analysis, presented in the work Conceived in Liberty, underlines the importance of such factors as: popular support for the liberty, educational and press activism of the freedom-minded intellectuals. The author also investigates the question of the purity of the revolution and tactical choices of allies in mutual action against the state with other groups. Rothbard states that the choice, while not contradicting libertarian principles, should be a pragmatic one - many ways of action can be appropriate and the difference of opinions between the libertarians can be a natural occurrence.

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