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Jan Le Witt (1907-1991) and Jerzy Him (1900-1982) were Polish-born Jewish artists specializing in applied art. In 1933 in Warsaw they formed artistic partnership known as Levitt-Him Studio (later Lewitt-Him). Working together they made many graphic works, especially adverts, covers, illustrations and posters. In 1937 they moved to London and continued their successful career. In 1954 partnership fell apart and artists pursued different paths. Le Witt devoted himself mostly to painting and Him carried on as a designer and illustrator. They both are mentioned among the most significant Polish and British applied artists and book illustrators.Thesis is focused on gathering and organizing all achievable biographic information about Le Witt and Him. It also includes review and analysis of all found artworks from time of their separate careers as well as partnership commissions. To achieve this objective a comprehensive research has been carried on, including library archival and database queries, artworks digitalization and analysis, biographical document analysis deepened by interviews with living relatives, former colleagues and students of the artists. This study included works and documents distributed in countries where Le Witt and Him lived and worked, mostly Poland, Great Britain and Israel.  
Basing on Le Witt and Him case study this thesis also focuses on phenomenon of art commercialization and artistic partnership formation trends which can be observed in 20th century design. Studio Levitt-Him is great example of that kind of initiatives and thanks to well preserved documentation it gives great insight into the matter of internal structure and work organization in similar companies. Reconstruction of artistic biography of Le Witt and Him gives opportunity to investigate dynamic changes occurring in applied arts in pre-digital era.

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