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social identity   volunteer members identity   civil disposition groups   values   scales of value   social capital   gift of assistance   interactive rituals   threats   new types of security   transformation of security systems   sociology of dispositional groups


In recent years, volunteer organizations have increasingly been the subject of scientific reserches. In addition to research striving to understand the economic value of volunteering and the social capital created through it, researchers are trying to identify the motivations of people joining the ranks of volunteer associations. In the works devoted to this subject, altruistic stimuli are generally pointed out, but also various personal motivations accompanying these motives, such as raising one's own specializations and qualifications, gaining experience needed in future professional work, as well as benefits resulting from expanding social relations and social capital. Regardless of the various reasons for undertaking voluntary service, it is important to emphasize its importance in the development of specific areas of social life and the support that volunteers offer to various institutions and citizens in the sphere of security. In my doctoral dissertation, taking account of mentioned issues, I tried to analyze the processes in which units to build social identity before joining volunteer groups and after joining them, with particular emphasis on volunteers of Civil Protection dispositional groups in Italy. Members of these groups, taking care of the security of territories and inhabitants, not only in many ways contribute to the growth of economic and social goods, but often, regardless of the difficult and even extreme conditions of duty, rush to help to save lives and possessions, joining the increase in security and its perception.

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