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The global context for mediation and other forms of ADR from a European and Europeans’ perspective

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mediation   globalization   ethnocentrism   consensuality   locality   Europe   Baumann, Zygmunt


Mediation and other forms of ADR are a response to problems related to the mechanisms of globalization, which as a social fact significantly affects the modern economy, culture, family life, and the well-being of individuals operating within global communication and economic dependencies. It does not seem realistic in the coming decades to create a global jurisdiction and a global governance mechanism. Therefore, decentralization, and in fact non-centralization, of managing the inevitable conflicts related to human activity will remain in the hands of nation states. However, due to the fact that cross-border conflicts occur as a side effect of economic and social activity of people, effective mechanisms for resolving cross-border disputes are necessary – also on a global scale. Mechanisms that can be used in such situations include methods of consensual agreement. However, it is also necessary to develop knowledge and tools for recognizing negotiated agreements.

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