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Bishop Ignacy Krasicki’s attitude to the political-legal reforms in Poland of the King Stanisław era

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Bishop Ignacy Krasicki   Bishopric of Warmia   King Stanisław era   "Monitor"   political-legal reforms   Stanisław August Poniatowski (king of Poland ; 1732-1798)


Bishop Ignacy Krasicki was one of the best known figures in Poland of the King Stanisław era. He was known primarily as apoet, writer, author of fables. As the Bishop of Warmia, he oc-cupied avery high position in Poland’s political hierarchy at the time — he was amember of the country’s Senate. Yet, he failed to meet the expectations of the people associated with him, primarily King Stanisław August Poniatowski, whose closest associates included Krasicki in the first period of his political career. His involvement after 1772, the most important time in the analysed per-iod with regard to political-legal reforms in Poland, was made difficult by the fact that the Bishopric of Warmia, which he was the head of, found itself outside Poland’s borders, an event not without an impact on Krasicki’s political attitude. Krasicki not being much involved in the turbulent political life in Poland at the time does not mean that Poland’s affairs were not close to his heart. He was first and foremost apoet, not apolitician, and that is why he referred to these affairs metaphorically in his literary works.

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