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Health and lifestyle. Economic, social and health effects of the pandemic

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retail restrictions   pandemic   coronavirus   lockdown   excess mortality   mental health   public health   healthcare   e-health   sharing economy   service ecosystem   service provider behaviour   purchasing behaviour   pro-health behaviour   quality of life   lifestyle   leisure   physical activity   tourism   mobile applications   people with motor disabilities


The monograph contains research results on economic, social, and health effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The changes in the Polish economy caused by the pandemic were presented. Moreover, the causes and effects of the increase in prices of consumer goods were identified.In the monograph, distortions in services were shown in details. The main challenges for service providers in the pandemic time and changes in consumer behaviours in the service market were discussed. What’s more, directions of development of e-services in Poland, including important e-health solutions, were presented. The monograph also contains considerations on the causes of excess mortality in Poland and the destructive effects of the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation on human physical and mental health. Additionally, the impact of the pandemic on the quality of life of Poles and changes in the forms of spending their free time were shown. The description of pandemic experiences was enriched by the biblical approach to pestilence and human pain.

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