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Instrumentalisation of the human being in totalitarianism. A few remarks

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totalitarianism   communism   collectivism   collectivity   instrumentalization   person


It is beyond doubt that the ideological aim of totalitarianism boils down to the “production” and upbringing of a new human being who becomes solely a function of the state. The latter fully controls all aspects of life, including the mental and spiritual spheres. It must be remembered that the process of human incarceration in totalitarianism not only causes the loss of personal identity, but also creates a collective one. The individual becomes absorbed by the collective and subject to utilitarian ends as property of the state. This leads to the objectification (instrumentalisation) of individual persons who are required to completely submit to the societal interest. Within this vision, the human being does not have value: society does. An individual’s task is to acquaint themselves with the rules governing the system which is based on the prevalent ideology. To put it more simply, the human being is not “the being for itself,” but rather a property of the collective.

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