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Early Neolithic settlement in the area of Boleścin, Trzebnica district : Investigation of archive sources

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archive sources


In Lower Silesia, there can be distinguished two main early Neolithic settlement centres – the bigger one was located in the basin of the rivers Bystrzyca, Ślęza and Oława, and the smaller one– in the area of Głogów. The presence of single artefacts on the right bank of the Oder River was considered to be evidence of the marginal nature of the penetration of the northern borders of the compact fertile loess soils zone. It is worth paying attention to a virtually unpublished assemblag eof artefacts from several sites located in the area of Boleścin village. Although these materials are only surface finds, their number and a very restricted distribution may suggest the existence in that place of a more permanent form of settlement than has previously been considered. The presented assemblage, except for a few examples, is extremely homogeneous and may be linked to the later (Šárka) phase of the Linear Pottery culture. The number of Linear Pottery culture sites in LowerS ilesia suggests a dynamic development of the settlements during its middle phase (Musical Notephase). The thriving settlements, however, had been somewhat limited and dispersed during the late phase of the Linear Pottery culture. At that time, its population crossed the Oder River line, penetrating the areas situated on the right bank of the river in a more systematic way. Notice ablesettlement crisis in the final stage of the Linear Pottery culture was probably related to sudden, although only local, climatic changes.

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