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Availability of conclusion of law regarding parental benefits via e-mail at the request of disabled parents and guardians


Roszewska, Katarzyna ; Zadrożny, Jacek

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e-government ; people with disabilities ; accessibility ; WCAG 2.0 ; family benefits ; the 500+ program ; banks ; trustedprofile


Inny tyt. : Kwartalnik Naukowy Prawo Mediów Elektronicznych


At the beginning of 2016 Polish government fulfilled one of its electoral promises. It launched the program of giving benefits for children in the amount of 500 PLN. This program required special coordination of actions in order to serve millions of citizens in a relatively short period of time. The Ministry of Digital Affairs started cooperation with the banks providing services online to make the application available for the benefits. The solution turned out to be perfect, although there have been some doubts during its launch. The banks’ job was to prepare electronic application forms for the clients, which were later sent to governmental system Emp@tia. The act introduced unusual statutory delegation concerning requirements for application systems, in which they skipped availability requirement, i.e. the accordance with WCAG 2.0 standard. The result was the lack of accessibility of forms offered by the banks. In the article there are several questions about the scope and forms of cooperation between the government and the banks. If and how the government should impose obligations and control them? The article offers the solution to the problem at least in the area of accessibility for citizens with disabilities.

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Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck


Gołaczyński, Jacek. Red. ; Adamski, Andrzej. Rec. ; Balogh, Zsolt. Rec. ; Cieślak, Sławomir. Rec. ; Flaga-Gieruszyńska, Kinga. Rec. ; Górecki, Jacek. Rec. ; Kilian, Wolfgang. Rec. ; Markiewicz, Ryszard. Rec. ; Świerczyński, Marek. Rec. ; Warner, Richard. Rec. ; Zgryzek, Kazimierz. Rec.

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ISSN 2082-100X



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Prawo Mediów Elektronicznych, ISSN 2082-100X. 2017, 1 s. 51-55

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